An enterprise business' vast amounts of idle data become valuable knowledge

when connected and activated.


Intuitively connect data via ontologies,

activate with algorithms.


GraphPath provides out-of-the-box, fully managed knowledge graphs that grow with your business.


How it works


GraphPath is a technology platform that gives you AI-powered advice driven by a vast network of connected data. Add your own, or license 3rd party data directly. There is a massive library of ways to activate that data so it’s actually providing value to you, not just wasting space and dollars on a hard drive somewhere.


This is not a clunky old-school business intelligence system that tells you last quarter’s results, two months later!  Your first results can be produced in as little as minutes. Simplicity, speed, and action are the name of the game.


Super-power your business awareness and decision-making speed and skill with GraphPath, the quickest path to actionable insights!


NYC / Miami / Bogotá