Get a portfolio of AI-based segmentation and merchandising tools to increase your customer LTV​

GraphPath integrates directly with the following platforms


Merchandise bundles in real-time to high-converting segments on your website using AI, without writing any code.


Add dynamic bundles that convert to your website​

  • Identify new product bundles using your customer and store data.
  • Estimate likelihood of purchase and incremental revenues.
  • Multi-packs and cross-sells.
  • Easy to use widgets for Shopify. Other stores are coming soon.

Personalize what you show to who​

  • Segment your audience using AI.
  • Merchandise your bundles in real time to the highest converting segments.
  • Take advantage of data including purchase history, on-site behaviour, off-site behaviour, likelihood of purchase, propensity to spend, demographics etc.

Monitor and optimize performance​

  • Merchandising and segmentation optimized automatically using AI.
  • Track incremental revenues and bundle velocity.
  • Set rules to start, stop and pause campaigns.

Freemium pricing​

  • Free for up to 25,000 visitors per month.
  • Integrate with your eCommerce platform for free.

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