How it works

GraphPath brings smart product recommendations to Shopify in the simplest way.

In just a few clicks, have an enterprise level AI powered recommendation engine powering your store. The right bundle for the right user done for you, GP reviews your historical sales data to find patterns in your sales. We build the best selling bundles and identify in real time what bundle to show to each user to maximise AOV.

Easy 2 step installation with no code required:


Download the app and install the plugin.


Get Automatic AI segmentation and Products Frequently Bought Together gathering historic purchase data (RFM variables).


Get Real time personalized AI dynamic product bundles displayed to the highest converting segments.


Access to a dashboard that allows you to monitor your AOV, total sales and total orders for each of your bundles and segments and do predictions.


You can also

Customize your bundle (choose layout, title, font size and colour)

Create bundles manually

Take into account

Site speed load is not affected

Your site will never be affected by the performance of GraphPath

You can uninstall the app and plugin at any time in 1 minute

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